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On the hunt for fall colors? Want to know where to find the Best Happy Hour in Mammoth? We've got all the details right here in our Insider's Guide to Mammoth. Be sure to check out our area guide for more local tips and tricks, and reserve your vacation condo with Mammoth Mountain Reservations. 

People toasting over dinner

Mammoth Lakes offers no shortage of cafes, restaurants and breweries to fill your stomach and quench your thirst. Here are the top 7 restaurants in town.

Interior of a Mammoth Mountain living room

Mammoth is for nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies, families, and really just anyone who enjoys a good time. If you've been to Mammoth Mountain before, you're familiar with the magical feeling that fills the air year-round from skiing season to ...

Wooly in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Wooly plays a big role for Mammoth, being the main chacracter that represents our small town everyone is always looking to spend some time with and maybe getting some pictures .  Having him be everywhere from Snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain with all of us, from...