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14 Feb 2024
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Mammoth Vacation Planning

Does your partner love Mammoth Lakes? And, do you happen to know their love language? Then we’ve got the perfect way for you to pamper your special person during your next trip to the mountains!

Take a look at these fun ideas for making your Mammoth-loving other-half feel cared for, according to their love language!

Quality Time

This love language is all about the importance of spending time together. And, to be sure, if you’ve planned a vacation to Mammoth Lakes, you’ve already made the great choice of setting time aside to enjoy the great outdoors together. Here are a few other ways you can make your quality time even more meaningful:

  • Play a game of road trip bingo. It’ll keep you both entertained on the way into town!

  • Make the most of your ski lift moments. Instead of being glued to your phone while you wait for the ski lift (which is likely to irritate those around you, anyway), take a moment to ask your partner how the previous run felt for them, what they’re thinking about for lunch, and how Woolly Mammoth got so good at skiing.

  • Hit the hot tub after a day on the slopes. Your partner and your tired muscles will appreciate this quality time activity!

  • Put together a snowy day movie list. If the ski runs are paused because of the weather, we can’t think of a better way to spend a snow day than watching your favorite movies together.

  • Build a snowman together. Tap into your inner child!

  • Sign up for a paint and sip class. Mammoth Lakes has plenty of painting and drawing classes available for a fun date night with your partner!

Acts of Service

This love language applies to anyone who appreciates their partner doing something thoughtful for them, such as  a task or chore. And here in Mammoth, we have a few ideas that are sure to convey your love!

  • Go to the grocery store after 4pm while your partner relaxes at home. We honestly can’t think of a higher act of service than this one.

  • Get their skis or snowboard waxed for them. They’ll notice the difference!

  • Shovel off the car. One of you is going to have to do it, so why not show your partner how much you care by surprising them with a snow-free car!

  • Make a fire in your condo’s fireplace. If you booked a condo with Mammoth Mountain Reservations, you’ll either have a gas or wood-burning fireplace. Not sure how to use it? Take a look at our article on safely using a wood burning fireplace!  

  • Hang up their snow gear near the heater. After a long day on the slopes, all either of you will want to do is collapse on the couch. But, leaving your gear in a pile near the door is going to leave you both with wet clothes in the morning! Hang them up near (not too near!) the heater to dry them off.

Physical Touch

Listen, this is one of the love languages that we don’t have much Mammoth-specific advice for. Maybe offer them a neck massage after a long day of skiing or snowboarding? Help them up and brush them off if they slip on the ice? Give ‘em a big hug when they’re freezing their tail off while playing in the snow? You’re probably better at gauging the appropriate kind of physical touch your partner would appreciate!

Gift Giving

Okay, gift giving is one of the love languages we can help you with! Here are a few Mammoth Lakes gift ideas that your partner will love:

  • Swag from Mammoth Memories, Graphic Conclusion, Mammoth Shirt Co., or any other souvenir shop in town.

  • A piece of locally-made art from the Mammoth Arts Council Gallery.

  • A one-on-one ski or snowboard lesson

  • New skis, a snowboard, helmet, boots, goggles, ice skates, or snowshoes.

  • A bottle of locally-made beer or spirits from Mammoth Brewing Company, Shelter Distilling, or Devils Creek Distillery

  • An Ikon Pass

  • A future trip to Mammoth Lakes!

Words of Affirmation

You’re probably already feeling the gratitude during your trip to Mammoth Lakes. Well, if your partner is one to appreciate verbal affirmations, now's your chance to deepen your connection by speaking up! Here are a few ways to share words of affirmation:

  • Tell your partner how amazing they are at skiing or snowboarding. Okay, maybe they’re still learning. Instead, you might tell them how cool they look in their gear! We can bet you can come up with a few original compliments on your own.

  • Cheerlead your partner as they try new things. Mammoth Lakes is such a great place to try out new hobbies and sports, so make sure you encourage your partner with praise! Whether they’re riding a ski lift for the first time or trying out more complicated jumps, being a cheerleader for them will make them feel loved.

  • Tell them how happy you are to share this vacation with them. No matter how many times they may laugh at you when you fall, or throw snowballs at you, or hog most of the room on the ski lift, we can bet that you’re pretty happy to be spending this special time with your special person. Don’t forget to tell them!

Mammoth Lakes is a magical place for love!

No matter what love language speaks true for you and your partner, there’s no denying that Mammoth Lakes is a romantic place to be together! Happy Valentine’s Day from our team to you!

Ready to book a romantic getaway? Take a look at the condos we have available at Mammoth Mountain Reservations!