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On the hunt for fall colors? Want to know where to find the Best Happy Hour in Mammoth? We've got all the details right here in our Insider's Guide to Mammoth. Be sure to check out our area guide for more local tips and tricks, and reserve your vacation condo with Mammoth Mountain Reservations. 

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park is an exciting place to spend a day or more while visiting Mammoth.

I've lived in Mammoth most of life but never experienced the mountain biking park until this summer.  Now I'm hooked and several thousand dollars into bikes and equipment! ...

Red'a Meadow sign by a big tree

Red's Meadow is a beautiful place to hike with friends and family. Being able to experience the scenery and enjoy the small things around Mammoth are always nice it's like finding a hidden treasure. We also stopped in a little store they have where you...

Crowley Lake Perch Fishing Mammoth

Ever caught 100 fish in one day?

Crowley Lake is best known for its world-class trout fishing, but did you know you can also catch perch for a few months each summer?

Perch begin to bite once the water temperature comes up a few degrees after the...

Overcast day in Mammoth Lakes, CA

I asked a friend "so what do you want to do while you're here?".  She replied, "I've boarded, snow shoes, hiked, swam...I want to see mountains!".  That reply kind of left me baffled...why?  Well, we are surrounded by them.  I walk up Lakeview Blvd. and...

Man fishing in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Why Mammoth Lakes is the perfect summer getaway

For most people, Mammoth Lakes conjures up images of picturesque snow-capped peaks, cozy winter lodges, and, of course, excellent skiing and snowboarding. And it’s not surprising we’ve gained this reputation: winter-lovers have been coming to Mammoth for...