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4 Apr 2024
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One of the benefits of renting a condo during your trip to Mammoth Lakes is having access to a full service kitchen. This is where you’ll whip up pancakes for family breakfast or bake cookies with the kids on snow days. Or, it’ll give you the chance to cook a hearty meal after a long day of hiking or skiing. Having a kitchen in your accommodations can also be a great way to save money!

Here at Mammoth Mountain Reservations, we’ve got plenty of condos with kitchens that will inspire you to put on your at-home chef hat and start cooking! Take a look:

Mammoth Ski & Racquet Club

Conveniently located just steps away from Canyon Lodge, Mammoth Ski & Racquet Club is a beautiful hillside property that offers prime views. 

Mammoth Ski & Racquet Club Unit 34

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, for up to 6 guests

The kitchen in Unit 34 features all new stainless steel appliances, marble countertops, and gorgeous tile accents. The recessed lighting and rich hardwood cabinets make this kitchen elegant and inviting! And, because it offers bar seating and an open layout with views of the living room, dining room, and balcony, you’ll feel right in the action as you cook!

Mammoth Ski & Racquet Club Unit 86

1 bedroom, plus loft, 2 bathrooms, for up to 6 guests

Like the rest of unit 86, the kitchen of this 1 bedroom/loft condo is bright and modern! With updated stainless steel appliances, a large fridge, and large quartz countertops, cooking in this kitchen is a joy. As with unit 36, the kitchen is open to the dining and living room with stunning views of the Sherwin mountains!

Mammoth Ski & Racquet Club Unit 127

1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, for up to 4 guests

Even though unit 127 is a cozy condo for fewer guests, you can still enjoy a spacious, airy kitchen! It features updated appliances, a double sink, charming white cabinetry, and gorgeous natural stone countertops. And, you’ll be able to chat with the family and watch tv while you cook!

Mountainback at Mammoth

Mountainback is a sprawling condo complex on Lakeview Blvd, just down the street from Canyon Lodge!

Mountainback Unit 17

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, for up to 6 guests

Not only is the kitchen in unit 17 fully outfitted for a great cooking experience, but it also features one of the most charming designs on our list. The traditional wood cabinetry and uniquely patterned granite countertops give a sense of warmth and character to the entire condo. And, with this open layout design, you’ll never feel far from family.

Mountainback Unit 94

2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, for up to 6 guests

Although this condo is rich with traditional cabin-in-the-woods vibes, you won’t feel like you’re roughing it in the wilderness with this modern, well-equipped kitchen! The granite tile countertops are spacious so that you have plenty of area to spread out while you cook. And, the updated stainless steel appliances make cooking a breeze. 

Courchevel Unit 51

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, for up to 6 guests

Courchevel may be located just minutes away from the many restaurants located in the Village at Mammoth, but with a kitchen like this one, you’ll be excited to stay in and cook! It features plenty of counter space, a spacious modern refrigerator, and all the other amenities you need to whip up something delicious.

Sierra Park Villas

This popular condo complex is located right in the middle of downtown Mammoth Lakes. If you’re planning on cooking at home, you’ll be just a short walk or drive away from our town’s grocery stores! 

Sierra Park Villas Unit 04

3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, for up to 8 guests

This condo features one of the most charming cottage-inspired kitchens in our list, complete with natural wood accents, warm lighting, modern appliances, and forest green cabinetry. It also features a large dining table so that everyone in your party can gather for a lovingly-cooked meal. 

Sierra Park Villas Unit 82

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, for up to 6 guests

With upgraded appliances, plenty of room in the fridge for ingredients, and lots of natural light from the balcony, you’ll feel right at home cooking in the fully-equipped kitchen in unit 82. And, the design team added extra counter space so that you can enjoy an even more comfortable cooking experience. Have your party pull up a chair at the gorgeous natural wood dining table and enjoy a nice home cooked dinner together!

Discovery 4

The Discovery 4 condo complex is a cozy little community of buildings located off of Lake Mary Road on the way up to the Lakes Basin. Take a look at some of the condos in this complex with the best kitchens!

Discovery 4 Unit 139

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, for up to 6 guests

The kitchen in unit 152 is right in the middle of the action, with open sightlines to the living room and dining area. You’ll enjoy the modern countertops, updated appliances and all the supplies you need to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Discovery 4 Unit 152

2 bedrooms plus loft, 2.5 bathrooms, for up to 9 guests (and pet friendly!)

This kitchen is bright, elegant, and fully equipped to feed your group of up to 9 people! Cooking is a joy with modern stainless steel appliances and natural stone countertops. And, the open concept layout means you never have to feel disconnection from family and friends. 

Other considerations for cooking during your trip

Booking a condo with a full kitchen is such a great way to encourage quality family time while staying within budget. Here are a few other ways that you can make the most of cooking during your next trip to Mammoth!

  • Pay close attention to high altitude instructions. You’ll notice that things are a little wonky up here in the mountains. Baking recipes usually have high altitude instructions to make up for the faster liquid evaporation and rising times. And boiled items, such as potatoes, rice, or pasta, will require longer cooking times to account for the lower boiling temperature. In other words, if you suddenly feel like your tried-and-true recipes are not coming out the way you expected, blame it on the altitude!

  • Head to the grocery store early. We locals know to avoid the grocery store at all costs anytime between 4pm and 8pm. That’s when the evening rush of people coming down from the mountain fill up Vons and Grocery Outlet! If you can, plan a grocery trip in the morning to avoid the crowds.

  • Make the most of the kitchen during snow days. Being snowed in can be kind of a bummer, especially if you’re traveling with kids who were excited about playing in the snow. Baking something together or doing some fun kitchen experiments can be a great way to pass the time until the weather clears. For more ideas, take a look at our article: 7 Activities for Kids During a Blizzard.

  • Fire up the grill! Not only do all of our Mammoth Mountain Reservations have fully-equipped kitchens, but many of them have access to a gas BBQ on the premises. Mountainback, Discovery 4, Mammoth Ski & Racquet Club, Courchevel, and others offer this feature for even more home-cooked options!

Do you plan on cooking when you come to Mammoth Lakes?

Having the option to cook is a huge advantage of booking a condo at MMR. But, hey: we also know that our town has some amazing restaurants! So, what are your thoughts on cooking in versus eating out? Let us know!

And when you’re ready to book, take a look at what we have available at!