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14 Aug 2018
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I’ve spent many nights in Mammoth, Summer and Winter. Most of them bundled up on my couch, writhing in pain from the day’s newest adventure. No, I shouldn’t have tried that jump, but all my friends were doing it. I’m getting too old for this…

Mammoth is great because you can spend all day, running around, ticking activities off your mountain lifestyle bucket list, and burn a hell of a lot of calories doing it. Not to mention, we’re working with altitude. We deserve a pat on the back, and quite frankly, I think we deserve a drink.

 From small town local basement pubs to a modern distillery, you can find pretty much anything to fit your groups fancy - all within a short walking distance from your condo. Which is great because I don’t know how I’ll be getting very far, but I promise if not only for the ridiculous pours, it’s worth getting off your couch for the live music, exhausted comradery, and local feels.


Firstly, tell me something better than a cold, locally brewed beer, live music, games, and the Sierra wave sunset? Slowly rising off your couch for this aren’t ya? 

Mammoth Lakes Brewery is all that plus the unique small town feel you ache for during the work weeks stuck in morning traffic. You can almost always find seating, and someone to challenge at one of their outside games. Getting excited yet? They also have amazing food like their brisket loaded fries or the Caesar Salad for the more calorie minded folk. But trust me, it’s delicious. 

But now the sun has set and boy what a beauty. I bet you’re starting to feel loosened up from your giant Jenga game. Also, beers = stretching, I’m pretty sure that’s what my trainer told me. Who are we kidding I don’t have a trainer, but I do feel better after those beers.

 Shelter Distillery

Now you’re ready to move onto the next spot? Head into the village to find the newest addition – Shelter Distillery. Specialty alcohol like Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Cider, and Beer. Something for everyone.  You’re also in the midst of some of the best restaurants if you decided to go against my recommendation of eating at the Brewery. Look I’m not upset. There are a lot of good eats. Fill to your stomachs deepest desires. Remember, you’ve earned it.


Now, if you’ve made it through the after dinner lull, you’re ready for the next spot. Clocktower is beneath Petra’s Restaurant (also a great spot if you’re looking for a finer dining experience).

There are beer caps on the ceiling (some probably my moms) and fake ID’s glued into the tables. A pool table, foosball, and a Pacman game machine. Oh, and this is the place with the massive pours. Be nice to the bartenders. It will pack out and you’ll want to get your drink with ease.  Clocktower closes at 11. You’ll know when they ring the ridiculously loud bell and yell at you. It’s all in the experience, just embrace it. Are you still with us? Cool, I’m struggling a bit too but I think we’re ready for the next and last spot.


Look, I’ll be honest with you- Lakanuki can be a hit or miss. But either way, if you’re with your mates, it’ll be a hit. Tiki-themed in a snow town sounds ridiculous, and sometimes it is, but it’s also a great place to dance out your sore muscles and chat to strangers around the very lengthy bar. You’ll also hear some really good classic R & B or locally mixed music by resident DJ’s.

Pita Pit

To wrap it up, pop down to Pita Pit for your early morning cravings. They’re open late and ready for your tipsy requests.

Did you have fun? I mean I can’t speak for the both of us, but I did. Just please remember to drink responsibly, call a taxi, walk or take the bus. And drink water… I don’t care how many beer bongs you did in college, you are in altitude and you will get drunk.