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19 Jun 2018
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Ever caught 100 fish in one day?

Crowley Lake is best known for its world-class trout fishing, but did you know you can also catch perch for a few months each summer?

Perch begin to bite once the water temperature comes up a few degrees after the winter snow runoff.  This year the bite started in late May, but generally, it doesn't start until mid to late June and they will keep biting off and on through mid-September.

It's not uncommon for a few fishermen in a boat to bring home 100 perch in one day!

Perch are found along the shoreline of most of the lake in 4- 12 feet of water.  Their depth usually depends on the water temperature.  Once you find the right depth and the right color jig, you'll be catching perch every 3-5 casts.  In my experience, the best way to find them is to slowly troll a jig at different depths while 'jigging' the pole.  Once you get a hit stop and fish in that area.  Perch usually swim in large schools and will hang around one place for a while. 

What do you do with 100 perch?  FISH FRY!  Perch don't have much meat on them so you need a few for a meal.  Simply filet off the meat from each side and discard the rest.  Google a good beer batter and enjoy!