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13 Mar 2024
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Here at Mammoth Mountain Reservations, we love to see folks taking advantage of our pet friendly condos! After all, Mammoth Lakes is such a wonderful place to experience with a dog, any time of year. That being said, winter can pose some unique challenges that you should be prepared for! 

In this article, we’ll talk about how to help your dog acclimate to the cold and keep them safe in the snow so that you can make the most of your time here.

Don’t feel embarrassed about using dog clothes

You might be one of those people who would never dream of putting your dog in clothing. But, up here in the mountains, it may be necessary! 

Dogs who are not accustomed to the cold may feel more comfortable wearing a jacket or booties when they go outside. Plus, this is a great opportunity to make your pup more visible by donning them in reflective or bright colored clothing.

Always have your dog on a leash in town

During winter, the walkable areas of Mammoth are reduced to narrow pathways and groomed trails. The town also tends to get more crowded, which makes walkways busier!

You can keep your dog, other dogs, and people safe by keeping your furry friend on a leash at all times when in town. 

Practice caution when taking Fido for walks

Driving in Mammoth during the winter can be dangerous, so everyone—two-legged and four-legged, alike—should take extra precautions when walking around town. If you see a plow coming, get out of the way. And remember that just because you have the right of way as a pedestrian doesn’t mean that a car will be able to stop in time in icy conditions. So, don’t step out in front of traffic unless the vehicle is fully stopped.

Prevent ice-related injuries

Even though our dogs have the advantage of having four legs to balance on, they can still be at risk for falling on the ice! Don’t play fetch on icy areas or allow your dog to zoom around on the ice. Instead, bring them to an area with groomed snow where they can safely unleash their excitement about being in the mountains!

Dogs can be especially prone to ice-related slips when they’re jumping in and out of the car. If you can, give them a lift or provide a step for them. Or, make sure that your car is parked in a non-slippery area before letting them out or loading up.

Be mindful about leaving your dog alone while you’re on the slopes

If you’re making the trip up to Mammoth in the winter, we can bet that you’re planning on taking advantage of the fantastic riding conditions we have right now! But, make sure that you get Fido settled and comfortable before leaving him for hours in a strange place. 

You could also give yourself peace of mind by relying on one of our trusted dog walkers or dog sitters here in Mammoth. Take a look at Pup Hiking Company for a team that will give your dog the full mountain experience!

Take good care of those paws

Your dog may be used to cement, dirt trails, or sandy beaches. But snow can be extra rough on their paw pads. The cold and ice can lead to cracking from dryness and painful snowballs lodged between their toes. And many of the pathways around town are also treated with snow-melting salt, which can cause inflammation.

Every time you get back to your condo, make sure to wipe those paws off with a pet-friendly wipe or damp towel. And consider applying a paw pad salve to help with any dryness.

Keep that snoot happy, too!

Just like your pup’s paw pads, their nose leather is also susceptible to cracking and irritation from the cold. There are mixed opinions about whether petroleum jelly is safe for dogs, so we would say stick with a dog-friendly salve instead. 

Potty time might be tricky

Be prepared for some longer potty walks than you’re used to! Many dogs are less than enthusiastic about having a bathroom break in the cold, and may need some additional patience and walking time for them to feel comfortable enough to do their business.

Remember that even though you’re in the mountains, it’s still important to pick up after your pooch! Our snow removal teams don’t want to have to look for dog poop before cleaning walkways. 

Speaking of potty habits, make sure your dog is well-hydrated!

Up here in the mountains, dehydration isn’t just a risk for humans. Make sure that your dog always has access to fresh, clean water. You may also need to schedule more walkies throughout the day to account for the extra water intake. 

Be aware of the avalanche cannons

Ever hear a far off booming sound early in the morning here in Mammoth? What you probably heard was one of Mammoth Mountain’s avalanche mitigation techniques: the avalanche cannon! Technicians fire ammunition at vulnerable areas of the mountain to trigger controlled avalanches.

For us humans, these noises are just background noise. But our dogs can sometimes get spooked. If this happens, try using positive reinforcement such as treats or playtime to help them feel more comfortable. 

Keep an eye on your dog’s daily exercise

We’ve found that most dogs are absolutely thrilled about being in the mountains, especially when there’s snow! But this can actually put them at risk for over exercising. After all, your pooch is going to work harder than you if they accompany you on a snowshoe or cross country skiing adventure. Even playing a game of fetch in some fresh powder will challenge them to work harder than they’re used to when running on a flat surface. 

Don’t forget that dogs, too, are affected by high altitude! So these unique snowy conditions added to the lack of oxygen can tire them out faster than normal. As such, keep an eye on your dog to make sure they’re not overexerting themselves. 

Your dog is going to love it here in the winter!

When you take some simple steps to prepare for your dog’s trip to the mountains, you can be sure that they’ll have a magical experience! Don’t forget to share your pictures of your pups enjoying the snow!

And, when you’re ready to book a pet friendly condo, take a look at the range of units we have available!