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15 Nov 2019
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Mammoth Lakes Property Management

Why Should you Choose

Mammoth Mountain Reservations

As your Rental Agent?

We are well aware that you have many options for rental agencies.  Along with the few of us that have been renting units in Mammoth for 40+ years, we now have an influx of low commission companies that are not Mammoth specific offering their services for a 'discounted' rate.  

Be warey of 'low cost' and global or national rental agencies. Ask questions! 

Marketing, labor, insurance, and other costs associated with running a rental agency are basically the same for all of us in Mammoth.  So how can one agency charge such a low commssion and still stay in business?  Simply put, they can't and must make up the $$ in other ways. 

Many of the low commission rental agencies make up the money by charging unit owners and guests for goods and services such as housekeeping, linens and unit supplies, marketing, travel agent fees, etc.  Many do not have adequate maintenance staff and hire expensive contractors to fix your leaking toilet or fix a broken light switch.  Make sure you fully review the contract to see who will be paying these costs!  Our research and experience show that at the end of the year, expenses run between 35%-40% no matter what your 'rental commission' rate is. 

Mammoth Mountain Reservations does not charge you for any costs associated with a rental, you only pay our flat commission rate with no hidden charges.  We also staff several maintenance workers who are skilled in doing the majority of handyman repairs that are always required in your unit.  

Many of the newer rental companies don't have business owners that live in the area and rely on hired managers that always come and go.  We as owners live in town and monitor rental activity daily and in person.   You will also find that many of the national and global companies use automated software to discount your rental rates if needed to fill units to a point wear the income may not be worth the wear and tear.  We personally monitor local rental rates and make adjustments as needed for demand and weather while always keeping in mind that the income to the owner has to be adequate. 

What about Rental Income Promises? 

Some rental companies make wild promises and guarantees on rental income that need to be looked at closely.  Read the fine print.  Weather, owner usage, fire, etc can all have an impact on your rental income.  We have been in business in Mammoth for over 40 years and can show you proof of average rental income for your type and size of unit.  We will only promise to help protect your investment and put all our efforts into maximizing rental income for you and us.  

Real Time Connectivity to Online Travel Agnecies (OTA's) 

Our units are real-time connected to VRBO,, Airbnb, and many other smaller online travel booking sites.  Our next step is live connectivity to; for now, we keep Expedia updated manually on a daily basis.   

All reservations that come in through OTA's are converted into our direct marketing program and guests are encouraged to book their next vacation directly through.  Direct bookings give the guest a better rate and give our owners higher income without OTA fees!  

We are partnered with Bluetent Marketing Group for website search engine optimization (SEO) and an email marketing suite to effectively and directly market our properties to the over 14000 recent past guests from our database.  With new tools embedded in our website, that list is growing every day. 

Some of the most common Google searches for Mammoth rentals are 'Mammoth condo rentals', Mammoth Mountain Vacation Rentals and 'Mammoth vacation rentals.'  You can see from our most recent Google analytics reports below that we outrank our local and national competitors. 

Thinking about renting your unit with us?  Check out our latest blog post that outlines our services HERE. 

We are ONSITE at Mountainback and Mammoth Ski & Racquet Club and serve all our guests with our ONSITE staff.  All other properties are handled throughout Main Street office by the post office. 

If you are renting your unit on your own and want to get rid of the headache give us a call to discuss options for using our onsite rental program in conjunction with your private rentals.  We may be able to customize a program to keep your revenue up while limiting the issues with renting from long distance.

Mammoth Mountain Reservations

November 2019 Rankings for

Mammoth Mountain Reservations

The reports below show our keyword search rankings compared to our local and national competitors.   The reports show the overall ranking, top 3, top 10, top 20 and top 100. 

You can see from the reports that we ( rank at the top in almost every category for the most common keyword and keyword phrase searches as compared with our competitors.

Mammoth Mountain ReservationsMammoth Mountain ReservationsMammoth Mountain Reservations